I am currently taking commissions for:

  1. Classical choral works, both a cappella and accompanied
  2. Arrangements for a cappella groups
  3. Works for voice and piano
  4. Works for percussion

Recent commissions include:

  1. Vinegar Valentines for percussionist and mezzo-soprano Colleen Phelps
  2. Hero at Sea for the Grafton High School Women’s Chorus in Yorktown, VA
  3. The Temptation of Christ for Church of the Savior UCC in Knoxville, TN
  4. Passion de Jean for bass Cody Muller and pianist Zachary Peterson
  5. It Was Good for soprano Rachel Hébert
  6. The Time Is Fulfilled for sopranos Rachel Hébert and Andrea Baas
  7. Prosper me not to leave Thee for tenor Marquese Carter
  8. Sidewalk Zoo for the chamber ensemble sync|duo

Contact me at to discuss rates and options for your new work!

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