Vinegar Valentines (2017)
mezzo-soprano · percussion (pitched wine bottles)

A vinegar valentine was a form of greeting card sent during the Victorian Era with the purpose of insulting the recipient. These anonymous, mean-spirited cards, ostensibly sent around Valentines’ Day, featured cartoon caricatures and a short poem that lambasted the recipient as a “poseur,” a “foozy,” or perhaps, in a very sarcastic sense, a “great lover.” Millions of these valentines were sent throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, and to add a greater insult to the injury, the postage was often paid by the recipient.

Commissioned by percussionist and vocalist Colleen Phelps, Vinegar Valentines was written to fit the theme of the “portable percussionist,” or, works for percussion that do not require extensive equipment. In this case, there are seven wine bottles that are struck using various types of sticks; everything required by the piece can fit in a grocery bag. It will be premiered in March 2017 as part of the Cincinnati Soundbox concert series in Cincinnati, OH.

  1. Prelude
  2. A Political Poseur
  3. Interlude
  4. Great Lover
  5. Interlude
  6. The Artist
  7. Interlude
  8. You Are a Nerve-Destroyer

Musica Ludunt (2014)
flute · oboe · trumpet · piano · vibraphone · violin · cello
Musica Ludunt, meaning “Gambling Music,” is an ongoing project of creating short instrumental works with random instrumentation using a variety of constraints. The amount of instruments and which ones they are, the key, and the scale are all decided using rolls of a 12-sided die. From then on, however, none of the music is left up to chance. The concept originally began as a compositional exercise while in graduate school and transitioned into a concept for an entire chamber work.

  1. Grave. Flute, oboe, trumpet, piano, vibraphone, violin
  2. Allegretto animato. Trumpet, violin, cello.
  3. Andante. Oboe, piano, violin.
  4. Allegro. Oboe, trumpet, vibraphone, violin, cello
  5. Adagio lamentoso. Flute, piano.
  6. Moderato. Flute, piano, vibraphone, violin, cello
  7. Presto. Flute, oboe, trumpet, piano, vibraphone, violin, cello

Sidewalk Zoo (2012)
marimba · flute
Commissioned by sync|duo, a chamber ensemble made up of percussionist Daniel Kozlowski and flautist Katie Kuvin, this work is a duet for marimba and flute. While the character is rather whimsical, it features high technical demands of each performer, changing meters and tonalities, and opportunities for cadenza-like expression. Each instrument is featured during varying sections of the work.

Elisabetta (2011) [LISTEN]
marimba · vibraphone · piano · cello
A work commissioned by Daniel Kozlowski, a candidate for the M.M. in percussion performance at the Ohio State University. Elisabetta was premiered during the recital “A Night to Marimba” at Second Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN on July 19th, 2011. This work  uses ideas of echo and staging. Several sections involve players setting aside their own instrument to play another; the cellist uses their bow on the vibraphone, the vibraphonist joins the marimbist on the bottom half, etc.

Cascades (2010)
symphony orchestra
This work focuses on creating lush tone colors, and features elements of minimalism in its finale. Cascades was submitted as my entry in the 2010 Classical Performers Recital.

a five-day walk (2009)
piano · string quartet · clarinet · oboe · flute · glockenspiel · triangle
This work was premiered in Belmont’s Honors Composition Seminar in Fall 2009, as well as the Student Composers’ Recital in Spring 2010. The piece relies heavily on the idea of hemiola, featuring each instrument playing a short melodic excerpt in various time signatures at the same time to create an ethereal whole. Originally entitled “a crowd gathers and walks.”

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